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Coach not Manager

IgniteXcellence believes the traditional role of managers in the workplace is changing and changing for the better!

Overbearing, rigid one size fits all, over the shoulder management is outdated… In today's new age of hybrid working, we see leadership as the responsibility of a coach, rather than a manger. Instead of directing ‘subordinates’, you as a coach will guide, teach, and lead your employees to success. We emphasise empowering your team to achieve their potential by providing them with the necessary tools, skills and guidance to flourish. The relationship between coach and employee is built on mutual trust and individuality. As a coach its vital to understand the unique needs and styles of each employee to support their strengths. Be versatile, creative and adaptable in your ways of working. Foster autonomy and empowerment in your teams to make as to how and where work should be carried out. Because, ultimately, we know that this approach leads to increased employee satisfaction, which is crucial to the health of a business.

In the role of a coach you caretake the responsibility of building a new and improved workplace culture. Trust and generosity of assumption are the guiding principles to creating an environment of mutual respect and understanding. “I trust all people, until they do not leave me the option to trust them” Michael Freyny (Seimens Germany). You selected each employee based on what you think they can bring to the table, give them the opportunity to shine! Success in business and heightened wellbeing in employees occurs when we soften hierarchy with collaboration; make decisions as a team, foster social connections and improve relationship building! The possibilities are endless when business is treated first and foremost as a vessel that holds the talents and ingenuity of each unique individual party to it.

Let us be your coach for the coach!

IgniteXcellence will help you build and adapt your leadership skills to thrive in this new and exciting age of working.

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